Chá de alcaçuz 20 Saquetas de chá

Chá de alcaçuz, 20 Saquetas de chá

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Ingredientes: Licorice root*, cinnamon, orange peel, Chinese star anise, vanilla extract, sarsaparilla, orange oil, cinnamon flavor, clove bud oil and cardamom oil.

*This ingredient is not intended for use during pregnancy and while nursing, or if you have heart disease or high blood pressure.
Utilização sugerida: Brewing:
To savor the full flavor of our teas, bring fresh water to a rolling boil. Pour hot water directly over the tea bag in a pre-heated pot or cup. Brew 3-5 minutes or to desired taste. One tea bag makes 8 ounces of hot tea. For iced tea, brew double strength.
Outras informações: Package Quantity: 20 Tea Bags, 1.2 oz (36 g)